Jaya Williams



You might wonder what I’m doing in Los Angeles which makes nonsense of history and breaks all the rules. –Reyner Banham, 1972

By day I’m the Creative Director for a historic hotel. I spend a lot of the rest my time seeking the slow reveal of Los Angeles’ layered cultural and architectural history.

I like to read about intersectional feminism, body liberation as a social justice issue, architecture, poetry and art history. I once baked a towering cake in the shape of John Portman’s 1976 Bonaventure Hotel to help me work through a big life decision. I am drawn to moody landscapes, spaces of fantasy, strange urbanisms and objects of longing. Conserving meaning in historic places is important to me, particularly as it relates to the distinct breed of modernism born in Southern California, as well as emotionally evocative interiors that pay homage to the old and innovate with the new.

This website is a small representation of my visual engagement with the world.